At Accord Case, we are passionate about creating products that meet the highest standards of protection, durability, and design. Our mission is to be an important part of your musical adventure with our exceptional products!

About Us

For over 30 years, Accord Case has been at the forefront of innovation in the world of musical instrument protection. Our journey began with a vision to redefine the standards of instrument cases, making them lighter, more protective, and exceptionally beautiful. And today, we continue to lead the industry with our unique carbon fibre processing method and unparalleled quality that has remained unmatched on the market for decades.

Our Legacy

Accord Case has consistently delivered excellence through our unique, handcrafted cases made from advanced composite materials. Our dedication to innovation has resulted in instrument cases that offer unparalleled protection while being light enough to carry effortlessly. Musicians worldwide have trusted our cases to safeguard their instruments, ensuring their precious cargo remains intact through every journey, even the most demanding ones.

Craftsmanship and Design

What sets Accord Case apart is our commitment to blending functionality with artistry. Each instrument case is meticulously crafted, utilizing the inherent strength and lightness of carbon fibre. Our designs are not only protective and durable but also aesthetically striking, offering a streamlined and elegant appearance that musicians find captivating.

Our instrument cases are designed to be both long-lasting and exceptionally secure, enduring the rigors of travel and daily use for decades while maintaining their elegant appearance.

To further enhance the value of your investment in Accord Case, we offer our exclusive lifetime trade-in program: your old Accord Case – from all our past 30 years of existence and for all the decades to come – is worth at least €500 off when purchasing a new Accord Case!!

We pride ourselves on our unique 3D exterior finish option, often described as the “snake skin look,” which provides a distinct and sophisticated Accord Case texture. Additionally, our cases are available in a wide range of solid colours, including metallic finishes, as well as your personalized design, allowing for complete personal expression and style.

Innovation and Excellence

Three decades ago, Accord Case sparked a carbon revolution in the manufacture of musical instrument cases. Our continuous innovation and enthusiasm have driven us to create the most functional and highest quality instrument cases in the world. Each new day on our 30-year journey adds to our wealth of experience, enabling us to continually refine and adapt our products to the real needs of music professionals.