Let's clean Europe from old instrument cases!!

Accord Case grants you up to 1000 euros discount for your old case for the purchase of our new instrument case !!

Replace your old instrument case with a new Accord Case – and earn up to € 1000 off on your purchase !!

Depending on its condition, we will restore and donate your old case to young musicians (if restoration is possible), or dispose of it in an appropriate recycling process.

Did you know that carbon fiber and hard plastic, from which modern cases for musical instruments are made, cannot be decomposed in nature, but must be disposed of in a special way?

Accord Case invites musicians from all over Europe to help us protect our planet, and take advantage of this unique opportunity to purchase a brand new Accord Case !!

This special offer of replacing the old case with the recognition of a discount when buying a new Accord Case is possible only on the website of the Accord Case, or in direct contact with the manufacturer. Not available in shops!!

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